Wind instruments



Wind instruments are the biggest part of our creations. Most of them are Ocarinas, a type of vessel flute. We organize them in different families



Five holes ocarina 

This is a complete instrument that gives you different possibilities to play.You can choose to follow the natural pentatonic scale to which the flute is tuned, or you can learn simple fingering that will allow you to play all the notes of the octave and the sharp notes.These flutes are tuned in the most common keys, enabling you to play with other people.



IMG_2970Three holes ocarinas

We’ve developed this family of ocarina to allow everybody to play music with no complications or strange ideas about being or not being a « real musician”. We strongly believe that music is an open space for freedom and poetry for everyone.

grand 3 trou baleine

Based on three different size holes tuning, whatever the fingering you choose to play with, you will always have a nice combination of sounds. You’ll just need to blow and explore the notes with three fingers, discovering the melodies the flute suggest to you, allowing the instrument to guide you, walking freely through the sounds.


You’ll find very different pitches : from the small one that have refreshing birds sounds to the biggest one, very suitable for meditation and a relaxing moment.

Overtone flutes


We love this kind of instrument for his ability to offer us melodies with simplicity and generosity.

The overtone flute is a long tube lacking tone holes. Depending on the intensity of the breath you use, you’ll be able to play the notes present in the natural harmonic scale of your flute. You’ll get one series of harmonics with the end of the tube open and another one with the end closed.

Our overtone flutes have the shape of a curled up snake ready to enchant the word once you blow it a kiss.




Musical Jewelery

Worn as a necklace, this musical pearls are very small ocarinas, most of them with two or three holes.





 In old stories it is told that pilgrims climbed the Ventoux, a mountain that overlooks Provence, bringing a clay horn with them. Once they got on the top, they would play the horns and break them afterward.

Even today we still find evidence of old votive broken horns on the peak of Ventoux mountain.