The Workshop




Welcome to Terre di Suoni workshop!

In mars 2013 we settled down in the small village of Dauphin, Provence, in Southern France.
Nestled in a hollow rock of the old village, our tools, wheel and ovens found their place.

But for us the workshop is an open and wandering space, huger than the room where we work or the creation of the objects itself, …


Here you have some images and words that say something about our connection with the clay world…




“Terre di Suoni” on the footpaths


Terre di Suoni workshop was born in Nas beach, on the Island of Ikaria, Greece, nearby the ruin of a temple to Artemis, watching the Mediterranean Sea. It was the summer of 2011, during the explosion of the greek crisis.

 Ikaria, Greece




Costas, ceramist at Nas, opened for us the doors of his workshop with an open heart. Thanks to his kindness we worked and created a small travelling booth with which we hitchhike around the island, selling our first singing objects. Beyond the difficulties that the country was going through and our personal challenges with this project, lots of people encouraged us to transform our shaky improvisation into something a bit more serious


Haridwar, India.




In love with the very primordial techniques of the clay art and with the beauty of the everyday handcraft used in indian homes, Sam spent some time with amazing potters in a neighborhood around Haridwar (North India)…




Watchan, Nord Thailande


In a very lost village (Watchan district, north of Thailand), one day the children brought us the white clay of the surrounding mountains : they asked us to teach them how to make the small round clay flutes we showed them in our visits to the local school.


The space in front of the bamboo hut that the Pakenio community lendt us turned into a new improvised workshop. Ocarinas, crochet shoes and natural dyeing lived together on the terrasse of our hut between the bursts of laughter of the children and the first sounds of their still raw flutes.


So cool to see Krhisna and Youtapohn blowing for the first time on their flutes that just came out of the fire.